Definition of theriomorphic in English:



  • (especially of a deity) having an animal form.

    • ‘This word ‘theriomorphic’ is used here to specifically evoke the representation of a deity in the shape of a beast.’
    • ‘These changes reduce Hathor's theriomorphic iconography and help bring her into focus for the modern eye.’
    • ‘If they are animal masks of a god, my best guess is that they are theriomorphic manifestations rather than anthropomorphisations.’
    • ‘A revival of theriomorphic figures could also be accomplished by turning to those of the remote past.’
    • ‘Sometimes, therefore, her features were theriomorphic.’
    • ‘All these characteristics, however, can already be discerned in the religion of Ancient Egypt, where elaborate anthropomorphic and theriomorphic representations and extensive mythological narratives exist alongside fetish objects and large lacunae in mythology.’
    • ‘One of the aims of this paper is to discuss the argument that in the Mycenaean pantheon theriomorphic divinities might have existed.’
    • ‘A minority interpretation to which I adhere is that Leviathan in Job 41 is a theriomorphic description of Satan.’
    animal, beast-like, animalistic
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Late 19th century: from Greek thērion wild beast + -morph + -ic.