Definition of thereon in US English:



  • On or following from the thing just mentioned.

    ‘the order of the court and the taxation consequent thereon’
    • ‘In a prolific string of books and articles, he now regularly bashes globalization, especially America's malign influence thereon.’
    • ‘It would help if you could send an A5 envelope with a 50p stamp thereon.’
    • ‘The connection is provided by utilizing a conductive adhesive wherein the conduction is provided by metal particles which have exposed palladium thereon.’
    • ‘Another requirement in this context is that investors should not incur overdue liquid tax liabilities or a social security debt, including interest thereon.’
    • ‘Its most relevant aspect pertains to ownership of the foreshore and rights to everything built thereon, including piers, salmon farms and oil pipelines.’
    • ‘Make sure your registration card is in there, and that the address thereon is the place you're going to be living on Election Day.’
    • ‘What we're looking at doing instead is issuing a driving privilege card, which also states thereon that it is not good for identification.’
    • ‘Below we briefly summarize the authors' main arguments, with our own comments thereon presented within double bold brackets.’
    • ‘The defence had ample opportunity to cross-examine him thereon.’
    • ‘Parents, students and teachers should be free to determine what is learnt and employers and society should be free to pass judgement thereon.’
    • ‘The ballot submitting the above proposed amendment shall have written or printed thereon the following.’
    • ‘Reflexology is an ancient system whereby the feet and key points thereon are massaged and this stimulates corresponding organs and parts of the body.’
    • ‘A budget is a policy instrument and a debate thereon represents a form of policy dialogue.’
    • ‘The person who accounts for released goods is liable to pay the duties thereon within the prescribed time.’
    • ‘The issue that follows thereon is whether such interference will be proportionate to the proper interests of the state in maintaining effective immigration control.’
    • ‘Alternatively, if users can demonstrate that appropriate public liability insurance is in place with the interest of the Port of Waterford noted thereon, the fee will be waived.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, as I have indeed been referred to the decision of the Court of Appeal in Barnes, I think it best to comment thereon briefly.’
    • ‘He located seven sites connected with the lives of the Gurus and had shrines raised thereon within the space of eight months, from April to November 1783.’
    • ‘Where it appears to the assessment officer that the agreement is not fair and reasonable, he or she may require the opinion of a court to be taken thereon.’
    • ‘Our TV channels increasingly reflect the great British public's obsession with homes and gardens and the lavishing of resources thereon.’