Definition of therein in US English:



formal, archaic
  • In that place, document, or respect.

    ‘it shall be sufficient evidence of the facts therein contained’
    • ‘This release features material from their first two albums, and therein lies the problem.’
    • ‘This record attempts to prove nothing, and therein lies its brilliance.’
    • ‘Then the Government reneged on that settlement deed, and therein lies the problem.’
    • ‘It's just a story about the way that people interact, and therein lies its charm.’
    • ‘In different words, the essence of much of our own Bill of Rights is reflected therein.’
    • ‘And therein lie the roots of the Sikh struggle for autonomy in India today.’
    • ‘She, as a woman, cannot be trusted with the technology, and therein lies the paradox.’
    • ‘The viewer is challenged to create a narrative, and therein lies the impact of Gander's work.’
    • ‘There is nothing showy about the place, but therein lies its charm.’
    • ‘We somehow ended up looking after the staff car park and, more specifically, enforcing a ban on ball games therein.’
    • ‘The fumes and acidity that accompany these blazes can kill off whole forests, and everything that lives therein.’
    • ‘No one is safe in this competition and therein lies its allure.’
    • ‘You have to enter a residential dwelling with the intent to commit a felony therein.’
    • ‘It is defiantly old-fashioned and therein lie its strengths and its limitations.’
    • ‘This legislation will not make a jot of difference to climate change, and therein lies the rub.’
    • ‘The desire to be taken seriously bedevils many funny people, and therein lies the rub.’
    • ‘Some of the goals will have you tearing your hair out, but therein lies the beauty of the game.’
    • ‘Not a lot has changed - it's still the same shabby dive that it always was - but therein lies its charm, you see.’
    • ‘I've read the Spectator article, and can only wholeheartedly agree with everything said therein!’
    • ‘And therein lies the tragedy of the public's mislaid focus on this one annual meeting.’