Definition of theist in US English:



  • See theism

    • ‘There are too many brilliant and clever scientists who know much more about science than I do who are theists, to say it can't be reconciled.’
    • ‘Years ago I wrote about the tendency of modernist, evolution-minded, progressive, pacifist theists to live long lives.’
    • ‘In other words, what is such a debate supposed to do: make theists?’
    • ‘I think I'm probably coming from quite a different standpoint from Geoff in one way, in the sense that I consider myself a theist, but at the same time I think these are pretty arbitrary labels.’
    • ‘Love is a duty for everybody, not merely for theists or church members.’
    • ‘As Barr notes, however, this assumes, without rational justification, that all rational explanation must be rendered in terms of equations and quantities, an assumption that theists reject.’