Definition of theirselves in US English:



  • ‘old invalid people who couldn't manage it theirselves’
    dialect form of themselves
    • ‘Shaking hands, the others introduce theirselves.’
    • ‘Mark and Reggie look for the dead body theirselves, while being chased by the mafia.’
    • ‘Not every common working-class vernacular feature appears in it; I didn't catch any occurrences of ‘hisself’ or ‘theirselves’, for instance.’
    • ‘They can support theirselves and they can support their families.’
    • ‘The backstage area was all a bustle with everyone getting into costumes, finding their places, practicing their lines, setting up scenery, and trying to calm theirselves.’
    • ‘I guess these people must hate theirselves pretty badly, eh?’
    • ‘So I stuck it out through the lesson and found them at a table by theirselves at lunch.’