Definition of theatricals in English:


plural noun

  • 1Dramatic performances.

    ‘I was persuaded to act in some amateur theatricals’
    • ‘However a back injury in a college rowing race finished his sporting career and he took to amateur college theatricals instead.’
    • ‘Big, bluff and hearty Walter Essex-Clark came to East London in 1950 as general manager of Car Distributors' Assembly Limited and took an immediate interest in amateur theatricals.’
    • ‘After witnessing one of Sade's theatricals, she goes and purchases one of his forbidden works and pastes it inside her book of verse for ladies.’
    • ‘Dickens wrote actively while acting in private theatricals as well as touring and performing readings of his works.’
    • ‘In his youth he played rugby for Neyland and also took part in amateur theatricals and musicals.’
    • ‘At Gordonstoun, he took part in the school theatricals.’
    • ‘British theatricals continued to dominate American stages for decades, however.’
    • ‘It's based on the lovely 1994 film ‘A Man of No Importance’, which starred Albert Finney as a dedicated director of amateur theatricals.’
    • ‘Like her husband she excelled on the stage in amateur theatricals.’
    • ‘It was at Ettersberg Castle that Goethe took part in the ‘Court of Muses’, evenings of amateur theatricals, music, poetry and philosophical discussions encouraged by the Duchess Anna Amalia.’
    • ‘Well, I reckon that theatricals are best left to those who earn their living by them.’
    • ‘He also had an interest in amateur drama and theatricals and was responsible for staging many concerts and revues in his native town.’
    • ‘‘Waiting for Guffman’ and ‘Best in Show’ took the mickey out of amateur theatricals and dog shows and both pastimes have barely recovered.’
    • ‘They sponsored dinners, theatricals, and balls that attracted the socially active in their communities.’
    • ‘He was interested in the arts and not only supported our theatricals, but often took part in productions.’
    • ‘When that scene imploded from drugs and violence, he continued working in low-budget theatricals, often writing, producing, directing, and dressing these threadbare plays.’
    • ‘They collected and read popular proverbs, attended popular festivals and theatricals, and took part in civic and religious processions with people from various ranks of society.’
    • ‘She frowned and then noticed that the entire shelf was on theatricals, acting, speech and things related to those.’
    • ‘I shall always look back on our theatricals with exquisite pleasure.’
    • ‘Her portraits of poets Alfred Lord Tennyson and Henry Taylor lifted her out of the domestic confines of amateur theatricals.’
    acting, performing
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    1. 1.1 Overdramatic behaviour.
      ‘their love affair ended without theatricals’