Definition of theatrical in English:



  • 1Of, for, or relating to acting, actors, or the theater.

    ‘theatrical productions’
    • ‘This was Siobhan's first major role in a theatrical production.’
    • ‘In the 20 or 25 years of his theatrical career, Shakespeare produced 37 plays.’
    • ‘Powell's dramatic presence is obvious and his theatrical contribution assisted greatly in telling the story.’
    • ‘He has recently performed in successful theatrical productions of Beau Brummel and Sleuth in the West End.’
    • ‘Mercer's dialogue required highly accomplished actors with years of theatrical experience.’
    • ‘Yes, Baltinglass Amateur Dramatics are back with a theatrical treat for us.’
    • ‘Fair enough, he criticises the theatrical performance, the acting, the drama, the setting.’
    • ‘I'm sure that he has appeared in many fine theatrical productions during his long career as actor.’
    • ‘To some, he is a theatrical god, to others, an egotistical showman.’
    • ‘Much as I admire the new theatrical economy, I also feel a lot of American drama suffers from a telescoped urgency.’
    • ‘He pulled and pushed at the social and theatrical conventions of his day and constantly experimented with new dramatic form and technique.’
    • ‘This is the theatrical equivalent of the whodunnit you buy at the airport as you go on holiday.’
    • ‘It by no means has the same effect eighty years later but the entertaining allegory remains a stimulating theatrical event.’
    • ‘The company had an imaginative director and two budding theatrical costumiers who saved the day.’
    • ‘His stepfather, Ludwig Geyer, was an actor who roped the whole family into theatrical productions.’
    • ‘In a play packed with theatrical metaphors, he suggests even dictators are actors.’
    • ‘Schlusser has chosen a deliberately anarchic style for the story, subverting theatrical convention for effect.’
    • ‘The long silences really worked in a theatrical space.’
    • ‘In the end the play seems less a debate about modern art than a clever theatrical con trick in which we, like Adam, emerge decisively duped.’
    • ‘The basic conditions of theatrical performance force actors to use words and signs that the audience can understand.’
    • ‘One of the greatest theatrical comebacks ever is about to be staged in the East End.’
    • ‘The appeal of The Producers as a musical was its wicked wish to mock the whole pantomime of theatrical production and all who play in it.’
    stage, dramatic, thespian, dramaturgical
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    1. 1.1 Exaggerated and excessively dramatic.
      ‘Henry looked over his shoulder with theatrical caution’
      • ‘Her interpretations are dramatic, even theatrical, but never ‘over the top’.’
      • ‘Audience members left in a manner more theatrical than anything they had been watching.’
      • ‘Jackson shrugs his shoulders and waves his fingers in the air in a wild, gesticulating, heavily theatrical manner.’
      • ‘It's an undeniably theatrical production, as flamboyant as a Broadway musical.’
      • ‘Frequently theatrical and melodramatic, it captured the tensions of wartime Britain, thriving in enforced isolation.’
      • ‘Try the theatrical manner in which the player fell to the ground clutching his face after an elbow had brushed his cheek.’
      • ‘He opted for a strong theatrical style, exaggerating every tone and gesture and playing with great energy and ebullience.’
      • ‘I wanted to have a show where I can dance and be more dramatic, theatrical.’
      • ‘He begins by telling me, in his theatrical manner, what attracted him to Sutton in the first place.’
      • ‘‘Behold the wrath of a woman wronged!’ he stated in a theatrical manner, arms extended in front of him and palms upturned and pointing towards me.’
      • ‘Perhaps the music is theatrical and dramatic, and that is what it's all about.’
      • ‘Illuminated by a giant spotlight, Leon made a theatrical entrance to dramatic music.’
      exaggerated, ostentatious, actressy, stagy, showy, melodramatic, overacted, overdone, overripe, histrionic, actorly, affected, mannered, artificial, stilted, unreal, forced
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  • A professional actor or actress.

    ‘a boarding house that catered for theatricals’
    • ‘She was the late, loved Dame Thora Hird, who lived the last months of her life in Brinsworth House home for retired theatricals.’
    • ‘Yes, I can just see myself at a home for retired theatricals, beret on at a rakish angle, red shoes, lipstick up to my nose, telling people how fantastic I was at the Royal Shakespeare Company.’


Mid 16th century: via late Latin from Greek theatrikos (from theatron ‘theater’) + -al.