Definition of theatric in US English:



  • ‘the true theatric genius of Shakespeare’
    another term for theatrical
    ‘a theatric masterpiece in three acts’
    • ‘Julian didn't flinch, but gave a theatric sigh and said, ‘Assaulting an officer is a hanging offense.’’
    • ‘As Bette tells me this I can't help but think that she might already have theatric plans for the two-year-old.’
    • ‘Under the influence of Corthell, Laura's nervousness, selfish insecurity, and old love for theatric self-representation returns.’
    • ‘Hlestakov is obviously the theatric portrayal of every corrupt government official since 1836.’
    • ‘With a theatric bow and a turn on his heel, Hersby faded back into the corridor's shadows.’
    • ‘She ran that shop with an artistic, even a theatric, flair.’
    • ‘Why it's grounds for a duel, or something theatric like that.’
    • ‘After convincing a skeptical Atwood of her novel's theatric viability, he hired the British actor/writer Paul Bentley to provide the libretto.’
    • ‘When asked if it's intimidating to undertake a play that boasts such a rich production track record on stage and on the big screen, he is quick to underline that the theatric opportunities outnumber the pitfalls.’
    • ‘Not only did he kill an awful lot of women, he did so in grand, theatric fashion.’
    stage, dramatic, thespian, dramaturgical
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