Definition of the weaker sex in US English:

the weaker sex


  • treated as singular or plural Women regarded collectively.

    • ‘Under this Neanderthal new deal, the so-called weaker sex is predestined to bear the children, nurture their needs, and serve the warrior in whatever way he wants.’
    • ‘Apparently Mr Brash likes to go easy on the weaker sex.’
    • ‘The fetal cells from a mother's offspring, survive in her blood stream, decades after childbirth and provide resistance to many diseases, and still we call women the weaker sex!’
    • ‘Today, they refuse to be patronized and hate being called the weaker sex.’
    • ‘No Victorian would hesitate to acknowledge the weaker sex's ‘natural’ attraction to pretty things, especially if these can be used for self-decoration.’
    • ‘An optometrist who has been in the profession for almost two decades says experience showed that eyes of the weaker sex are tougher than those of the so-called stronger sex.’
    • ‘Yes, the chap is forever popular with the weaker sex.’
    • ‘Divorce devoid of valid reason is an injustice to the weaker sex.’
    • ‘Who will explain why women, despite being the weaker sex, are expected to compete against and alongside men in the Mumbai Marathon for a considerably lesser reward?’
    • ‘We say that women are the weaker sex but if women really choose to strike back, men won't be able to stand up.’