Definition of the same old story in US English:

the same old story


  • Used to indicate that a particular bad situation is tediously familiar.

    ‘are we not faced with the same old story of a badly managed project?’
    • ‘We are capable of beating most sides in this league, yet it's been the same old story in the last two or three matches as silly goals have cost us badly.’
    • ‘But it was the same old story: A father and son drifting apart.’
    • ‘And on the show went last Sunday, but it was the same old story for Sligo.’
    • ‘Sad to say, we'll likely have the same old story for at least another decade.’
    • ‘Basically it the same old story of idiots with muscles trying to act important instead of just doing their job.’
    • ‘But it's the same old story - the keeper is always singled out for the blame.’
    • ‘But it's always the same old story: New coach comes in, wows everyone into believing the Irish are back, but then it all goes south.’
    • ‘It's the same old story: no shortage of applicants, just a shortage of high - quality applicants.’
    • ‘I have also sat on a New York City grand jury and heard over one hundred narcotics cases, and it is the same old story from everyone.’
    • ‘This car is very good, and I don't think my driving has been that bad, but it's the same old story: I've been in the wrong place at the wrong time.’