Definition of the reality is — in US English:

the reality is —


  • Used to assert that the truth of a matter is not what one would think or expect.

    ‘the popular view of the Dobermann is of an aggressive guard dog—the reality is very different’
    • ‘Maybe people are suspicious of me, but the reality is that I'm spending most of my time looking at how we make the club game work.’
    • ‘We should not be giving special treatment to someone purely on the strength of their spending power but the reality is that we have to.’
    • ‘But the reality is that in a competitive world people seek out the brands.’
    • ‘It does not matter when it was; the reality is that that was what was in place.’
    • ‘Three and a half years after the promises, the reality is that one in nine people now work more than 60 hours every week.’
    • ‘Well, the reality is if you are an experienced buyer you will always get what you want at a competitive price.’
    • ‘While everyone in the policy world is talking about the rising problem of racism, the reality is almost the opposite.’
    • ‘Some people expect it to be dynamic and aggressive but the reality is that it's slow.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the reality is that Japan simply cannot afford such an expensive gamble.’
    • ‘But the system is far from fallible and the reality is somewhat disgusting.’