Definition of the plot thickens in US English:

the plot thickens


  • Used when a situation is becoming more and more complicated and puzzling.

    • ‘As the plot thickens, the suspect first begins to lose freedom, then dignity, and then any kind of self-respect.’
    • ‘This claim opens up new dimensions in the story line leading to new revelations: the plot thickens and becomes more complex.’
    • ‘So the plot thickens… But little do they know that I will turn everything to my advantage.’
    • ‘She herself is married too and the plot thickens when her husband is murdered.’
    • ‘But the plot thickens because there are another couple of men who were involved in this, but they were actually able to leave the country before it was uncovered.’
    • ‘From then on, the plot thickens with gangland hit men, police snoopers, media feeding frenzies, and nasty sexual shenanigans.’
    • ‘It is at this stage that the plot thickens and sympathy for some parents vanishes.’
    • ‘‘Ahh… and the plot thickens,’ he said with a smile.’
    • ‘But here the plot thickens and the mystery deepens.’
    • ‘Except she's not my girlfriend anymore because - don't you love it when the plot thickens? - she dumped me.’
    • ‘When his friend Sergio turns up, without explanation, the plot thickens.’
    • ‘Expect lots of guns, flying bullets, high-speed chases and a huge body count as the tension rises and the plot thickens.’
    become more complicated, become more involved, become more intricate, become more mysterious, deepen
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