Definition of the middle of nowhere in US English:

the middle of nowhere


  • A place that is remote and isolated.

    • ‘The next scene following is of a school bus filled with athletes, traveling (who would have guessed?) through the middle of nowhere, celebrating after a team victory.’
    • ‘We weave our way in and out of mangrove islands, and past sticks protruding oddly from what seems like the middle of nowhere.’
    • ‘I mean, it really is the middle of nowhere - especially coming from London.’
    • ‘If I wasn't so slow, I might have been able to avoid a huge, sharp sword sticking out from the middle of nowhere, just conveniently pointing at my chest.’
    • ‘Then it occurred to me that my eyes could have been playing tricks on me, and that I could be in a bit of trouble if I'd summoned an ambulance and the police into the middle of nowhere on the whim of my sub-conscious.’
    • ‘As I got older, and could drive, I would take long day-trips to the middle of nowhere and just sit and stare at a tree or flower for an hour or so before driving back home.’
    • ‘In a similar spirit, you might not expect to find an impressive repository of underground art and comics in a place that most city folks would consider the middle of nowhere.’
    • ‘In the middle of nowhere, as long as you have a 56k internet connection, you can call from your laptop to any phone in the world for pennies.’
    • ‘So off I went to bus out to the middle of nowhere to pick up the textbooks - I have now been to every single possible location at which professors will order books or course packs.’
    • ‘Take her for a drive into the middle of nowhere and leave her there.’
    the back of beyond, the backwoods, the wilds, the hinterland, a backwater
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