Definition of the Midas touch in English:

the Midas touch


  • The ability to make money out of anything one undertakes.

    • ‘He makes few noises about the immediate need to make money but hints that profits won't be hard to find because he brings the Midas touch to all of his investments.’
    • ‘Now, I never heard of this dude, but it looks like he's got the Midas touch.’
    • ‘But, despite the Midas touch that Donnelly and the swim team have had, not many people are taking notice.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the Chancellor who appeared to have the Midas touch, satisfying both public sector friends and big business, is looking increasingly isolated.’
    • ‘With these rich historical connections and the ‘yet-to-explore’ tourist destinations, Malabar is still waiting for the Midas touch from the tourism industry.’
    • ‘For Goodwin, hitherto regarded as banking's golden boy, this was a reminder that he does not possess the Midas touch and that investors can be an uncompromising, if sometimes ungrateful lot.’
    • ‘But which local coach has the credentials or the Midas touch to rival Fandi?’
    • ‘The man who went into Canadian metal mining and found diamonds, who invested in Irish property before the Dublin boom and who bought into five gold mines before the price of gold took off last year, certainly seems to have had the Midas touch.’
    • ‘The Midas aura, if not always the Midas touch, has remained.’
    • ‘The producer, now forty years of age, has the Midas touch.’