Definition of the forbidden degrees in US English:

the forbidden degrees


  • The number of steps of descent from the same ancestor that bar two related people from marrying.

    • ‘That is, family lines should be known well enough to prevent marriages within the forbidden degrees and to determine blood and family obligations.’
    • ‘These restrictions are officially know as forbidden degrees of relationship.’
    • ‘This has always seemed unlikely since without a dispensation marriage within the forbidden degrees was always open to challenge.’
    • ‘He had made an illicit marriage within these forbidden degrees.’
    • ‘Incest was considered a major crime, and forbidden degrees of kinship were extensively prescribed in the act of 1580.’
    • ‘The only thing necessary for a legal marriage was the free consent of both parties, as long as they were of age, were not within the forbidden degrees of kinship, and were free of any other marriage.’
    • ‘Nevertheless dispensations to marry within forbidden degrees are more readily granted to the rich and powerful than to others.’
    • ‘Marriage within seven degrees was not allowed until the Fourth Lateran Council reduced the forbidden degrees to four.’
    • ‘In some of the myths it is permissible for them to marry women of various forbidden degrees.’
    • ‘In the act of 1580, forbidden degrees of kinship were extensively prescribed.’