Definition of the dust settles in US English:

the dust settles


  • Things quiet down.

    ‘she hoped that the dust would settle quickly and the episode be forgotten’
    • ‘You know, every time something happens and then the dust settles and they begin to raise their head over the parapet, they're then shot down again with yet more revelations.’
    • ‘He will lead the Irish team home triumphantly today but, when the celebrations end, the cheering dies down and the dust settles, there are questions to be answered.’
    • ‘But when the dust settles after the opening exchanges and we approach the business end of tournaments, we still expect to see the familiar faces of football's elite.’
    • ‘But once the dust settles and shoppers in record numbers continue to be attracted to the town the inevitable spin off will make virtually everyone a beneficiary.’
    • ‘When the dust settles on the discussion of the merits and the disadvantages of boarding school life, one fact emerges: no matter how you tell it, it's still high school.’
    • ‘And I suspect that when all the dust settles, we'll come up with a new version of the bill in January that the White House has put its imprimatur on from the beginning.’
    • ‘The Coastal Development Committee had asked its members to boycott last elections in protest against the leaders never giving an ear to their woes once the dust settles down after each election.’
    • ‘Settled into the cosy confines of his expensive rehabilitation centre, he has not only found one of the few places where he can be sealed off from the media until the dust settles but has created a cast-iron alibi.’
    • ‘I can only hope that when all is said and done, when the dust settles and time casts light back on our time in office that the people will see that we tried to give something back as well.’
    • ‘When the dust settles and the mud dries, we are going to see all over America, a nation that will lose patience with the needs of a foreign refugee population.’