Definition of the Big C in US English:

the Big C


  • Cancer.

    • ‘Is it any wonder that what has been labelled at The Big C - some cannot even say the name - has become the topic of conversation to be generally avoided?’
    • ‘But as you read his first person account of his battle with the Big C, you begin to understand.’
    • ‘I should learn to shut up when someone brings up the Big C subject, instead of trying to change the world.’
    • ‘So, with apologies to all, the need is to find an appropriately gruesome substitute for the Big C, one that gives offence to none.’
    • ‘However, my best friend has the big C, yes, cancer.’
    • ‘I suppose the warning signs were out when Steve was diagnosed with the Big C, but he's beat a number of other physical close calls with the Grim Reaper.’
    • ‘Was it the Big C, or just a concentrated bit of fat?’
    • ‘If the Big C is inside any one of these boobs, it would be entirely my fault wouldn't it?’
    • ‘It was not called by name, but was whispered as ‘the Big C,’ something that could attack any grown-up's body without warning.’
    • ‘I'm very conscious that the Big C runs in my family, so have been interested in hearing from people who didn't take conventional cancer treatments, but instead, changed their lifestyle and nutrition.’