Definition of the big boys in US English:

the big boys


  • Men or organizations considered to be the most powerful and successful.

    • ‘So I've had to have strong words with my telecom company and get the big boys out to try to end this electronic nightmare.’
    • ‘But one trend is clear: smaller retailers are suffering while the big boys are doing fine.’
    • ‘It also doesn't hurt that the big boys at Miramax are blowing their horns in support of the movie either.’
    • ‘Somebody described hotels like ours as pilot fish for the big boys.’
    • ‘The big boys wanted to undercut prices to force the small guys out of business.’
    • ‘You could argue that the funding is in place to keep the little guys in the game against the big boys in the major parties.’
    • ‘The same pressures to cut a separate deal with the big boys will test the new formation.’
    • ‘His advice is essentially to get in with the big boys, ride on their coat tails, and pick up their crumbs.’
    • ‘Far from taking on the big boys, funds are now half what they were in 1996.’
    • ‘When the big boys come to town there can only be one winner: and it's never going to be the little man.’