Definition of the best of three (or five etc.) in US English:

the best of three (or five etc.)


  • Victory achieved by winning the majority of a specified odd number of games.

    • ‘It will be the best of five games and there will be six dartboards in operation.’
    • ‘Then we shortened the idea to the best of five with the ladder match being the rubber match.’
    • ‘The Thunderbirds will play host to the best of three game tilt.’
    • ‘Normally the best of three games is played, so the overall winners are the first team to win two games.’
    • ‘Games can end in a draw when both reach the same point total, and usually Briscola is played to the best of three or five games.’
    • ‘Each game is the best of three sets with each set being played to 15 aces.’
    • ‘Matches will continue to be the best of five games.’
    • ‘All 12 teams make the play-offs with the bottom eight competing in the best of three preliminary round.’
    • ‘The decision goes to the one who gets the best of three.’
    • ‘This is said to combine the best of three distinctly different areas, all a delight to divers.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the other series, as expected, is a barnburner as St Adolphe leads La Broquerie two games to one in the best of five affair.’
    • ‘A badminton match is decided by the best of three games.’
    • ‘The Clan lost the opening game of the best of three set 70-58.’
    • ‘Matches must be the best of five games to qualify as a pyramid match.’
    • ‘Teams will be two-a-side and played up to 11 points a game over the best of three sets.’
    • ‘But everybody had to do three time trials and it was the best of three.’
    • ‘Unusually, there was just one round rather than the best of three.’
    • ‘Athletes must compete in a minimum of three races and rankings will be based on the best of three finishes for each athlete’
    • ‘It is usual to play the best of three games, but it is possible to play a just a single game to 30 points.’
    • ‘League games will continue to be played up to 21 points over the best of three games for this season, it was decided at York and District Table Tennis Association's annual meeting.’