Definition of the (or a) picture of — in US English:

the (or a) picture of —


  • The embodiment of a specified state or emotion.

    ‘she looked the picture of forbearance’
    • ‘I sat in the corner of the kitchen, sipping carefully, the picture of misery.’
    • ‘He strode into the surgery briskly with no obvious breathlessness; he looked the picture of health.’
    • ‘The dancers were a picture of grace, leaping with ease and elegance.’
    • ‘Her face was a picture of concentration and she bit gently on her bottom lip.’
    • ‘Dolly sat fully erect, tasting the air, the picture of feline contentment.’
    • ‘The youngster looks a picture of health as she chatters away happily like any normal one-year-old, with a cheeky grin guaranteed to melt your heart.’
    • ‘In those cruel, almost harrowing, final few moments, the Celtic manager was a picture of helplessness.’
    • ‘This young footballer is the picture of health as he helps make a charity soccer tournament a success.’
    • ‘He was a dour and industrious man who inspired confidence and was the picture of respectability.’
    • ‘Apart from that, she was a picture of dignity and grace, with the kind of beauty that grew resplendent with age.’