Definition of thataway in US English:



  • 1In that direction.

    • ‘Down thataway two men next to the van were firing their pieces up the front steps at two others who were wedged in the entranceway of the house and blasting back at them.’
    • ‘As with all the sensationalized stories in the press in the last few years, there were many red herrings, the white van, the guy that said ‘They went thataway.’’
    • ‘Given it's Farnborough a few miles thataway, I'm guessing it was something do with the air show (thought it was the week before, but never mind).’
    • ‘The only people having any fun were the Jewish protestors about a hundred yards thataway, singing patriotic and religious songs, and doing some dancing.’
    • ‘‘They went thataway,’ the Duke said, throwing out a careless wave to his right.’
    • ‘He had got what he needed and didn't need someone going around and telling everyone ‘the intruder went thataway!’’
    • ‘He pressed the walkie talkie's power button again and turned back to the others. ‘The office is thataway.’’
  • 2In that way; like that.

    • ‘Causey struggled for something to say and finally managed, ‘Well, he ought not have shot at me thataway.’’
    • ‘Granger replies, ‘I expect you'd best just forget about teaching altogether… then thataway you'll have plenty of time to write your own book.’’