Definition of thanx in US English:



  • Thank you.

    ‘thanx for all the feedback we've been getting’
    • ‘Anyway, yeah … thanx for all the reviews folks.’
    • ‘Wow, wow, wow, thanx for sharing that amazing story.’
    • ‘Very interesting, thanx!’
    • ‘Here's the next installment, thanx to everyone who reviewed!’
    • ‘It really means a lot, thanx!’
    • ‘Just a little note to say thanx for such a prompt and speedy service, I just wish that all internet retailers could offer this level of quality service.’
    • ‘Thanx for the reviews … thanx for the support … thanx for everything!’
    • ‘But thanx anyway for your patience.’
    • ‘Btw, thanx for putting this on ur fave stories list.’
    • ‘I feel a lot better about myself and wanted to say thanx Abby!’
    • ‘Also thanx for the tip … I'll have to check out that book.’
    • ‘Chapter 1 is SO close to being done; thanx for being patient!’
    • ‘Lol ... thanx for noticing the big words ... I knew those SATs would be good for something.’
    • ‘And thanx for following along with my story!’
    • ‘Rosa, thanx for the kind words.’
    • ‘And thanx for the compliment, it makes me happy.’
    • ‘A big thanx to everyone who has supported us in the past & anyone who does so in the future.’
    • ‘We're home and safe and thanx so much to everyone for all your support!’
    • ‘Thanx in advance for being such a good listener.’
    • ‘Okay, thanx for all your reviews.’


Early 20th century: phonetic respelling of thanks.