Definition of thankful in English:



  • 1Pleased and relieved.

    with clause ‘they were thankful that the war was finally over’
    with infinitive ‘I was very thankful to be alive’
    • ‘It was lovely to see him and be thankful for counting such a man amongst my friends.’
    • ‘Everitt said he was thankful for the community, a place where his kids could grow up safely.’
    • ‘He is enjoying life in Newport and is thankful for the hand life has dealt him.’
    • ‘For those who don't have a lot, the message is to be thankful for what you do have.’
    • ‘Having the chance to look at, preserve and even publish this makes me very thankful for modern technology.’
    • ‘I have great difficulty walking and yet I rarely use a wheelchair and am thankful for every day that I do not need to.’
    • ‘Our thoughts are with families who are not so fortunate this New Year as we reflect on what we have got to be thankful for.’
    • ‘If you've been drinking an excess of alcohol and fizzy drinks, your body will be thankful for some water.’
    • ‘We are more than thankful for all of your support out there, no matter who or where you are.’
    • ‘There are many things you have said which have failed to be reported elsewhere and I am thankful for that.’
    • ‘Before you criticise our town, just stop and think of all we have to be thankful for.’
    • ‘It's an oasis for me, and I am deeply thankful for your honest writing and willingness to share your life in some way.’
    • ‘A strong, gusty westerly made it feel bitterly cold but it was dry, and I was thankful for that.’
    • ‘She reads a lot, and is very thankful for the rich library in the Polish centre.’
    • ‘I hold my babies tight and I am thankful for every moment I have with them.’
    • ‘I am very thankful for the contribution and support of everyone at the meeting.’
    • ‘Margaret is especially thankful for the great team of women she has working with her.’
    • ‘I was thankful for the light so I could see but glad it was just enough to see and not blind me.’
    • ‘We saw some great goals, some great games and great players - and we should be thankful for that.’
    • ‘Spatial paranoia made us thankful for our isolation from the rest of the world.’
    relieved, pleased, glad, grateful
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    1. 1.1 Expressing gratitude and relief.
      ‘an earnest and thankful prayer’
      • ‘"It's well appreciated," Pettus said in a thankful speech at the dedication.’
      • ‘First, recognize when a thankful response is appropriate.’
      grateful, filled with gratitude, indebted, obliged, under an obligation, obligated, beholden
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Old English thancful (see thank, -ful).