Definition of thank goodness (or God or heavens) in US English:

thank goodness (or God or heavens)


  • An expression of relief.

    ‘thank goodness no one was badly injured’
    • ‘I even like go-karting - thank heavens for those really large rubber bumpers!’
    • ‘When it comes down to basics I'm no less selfish than anyone else I know and, thank heavens, I'm not foolish enough to think otherwise.’
    • ‘Saturday's bolts of lightning were about the most honest the weather's been this past two weeks - thank heavens I spent a little bit of it in the Catalan sunshine.’
    • ‘The station survived just fine, thank heavens.’
    • ‘He didn't quite get the allusion, thank heavens.’
    • ‘I went to bed at 2:00 am this morning… thank heavens it was a Friday yesterday.’
    • ‘Gasping with relief I say, It could have broken but thank goodness it did not.’
    • ‘And thank heavens for the support that I've had from this country, because without it I wouldn't have a job.’
    • ‘Thank goodness for a free press; and thank goodness for our imperfect system of Democracy.’
    • ‘Such bad food yes, but thank heavens for such large portions.’
    fortunately, happily, providentially, opportunely, by good luck, by good fortune, as luck would have it, propitiously
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