Definition of thanatological in US English:



  • See thanatology

    • ‘The paper answers some of these common questions while developing the method of thanatological study in acute medical death-situations.’
    • ‘The threat of terrorism has consequences in thinking about death and popular thanatological literature.’
    • ‘A grandson, Éric Bessette, came on board in 2002 and is now attending a training session on the latest thanatological technology at Boreal College in Sudbury, Ontario.’
    • ‘The mentioned Service gives attention and support to those patients suffering their terminal phase and to every hospitalized patient that may ask for thanatological aid or support.’
    • ‘This is a successful encyclopaedia that contains a few subjective choices and at times even a few errors, but is able to answer common questions in an efficient and professional manner in its thanatological articles.’
    • ‘I have met a would-be suicide bomber who had not yet had the chance to put his thanatological daydream into practice.’