Definition of thallophytic in US English:



  • See thallophyte

    • ‘Conducted on established sand dunes in this montane valley, this study investigates the influence of thallophytic crust on the vascular plant community and the impact of trampling by large herbivores, particularly elk, on the crust.’
    • ‘‘Fun Facts About Fungi’ is everything you've always wanted to know about mushrooms, lichens, mold, mildew, thallophytic plants, saprophytes and truffles, but were afraid to ask.’
    • ‘They found that water in the pond had a dark green color due to the limited oxygen content which led to an excessive presence of thallophytic plants and seaweed.’
    • ‘Fungicides, on the other hand, are employed to protect crops and other desirable vegetation from fungi, such as rusts, mildew, scale, smuts, and other deleterious thallophytic growths.’
    • ‘This relationship required water for fertilization, so this group grew close to the ground, often preserving the thallophytic structure.’