Definition of textureless in US English:



  • See texture

    • ‘In this country children - and too often adults - eat textureless reformed chicken or bought-in frozen pizza, flabby oven chips and beans.’
    • ‘Her life had been flat and textureless as a starched white sheet.’
    • ‘The original thought process seems to be that by the middle of the 20th century, white bread had become the standard form of American bread, but was also relatively soft, bland, textureless and geographically uniform.’
    • ‘They assured me this was delicious but I must say it looked rather dodgy: you simply can't serve the delicate flesh of scallops in a cloying, textureless mashed potato.’
    • ‘After hours of cooking, while the flesh had gone all too soggy and textureless, the skin stayed pretty hard and chewy.’