Definition of textualist in US English:



  • A person who adheres strictly to a text, especially that of religious scriptures.

    • ‘Friendly was more of a cautious purposivist than a textualist, and was willing to cite and rely on legislative history in some circumstances.’
    • ‘Even thoroughgoing originalists and textualists generally believe that Constitutional terms should be read in ways that account of technological developments.’
    • ‘I am doing that because I am more interested in exploring the general tension between the text and the interpretations endorsed by many self-described textualists than in the details of any one approach.’
    • ‘Second, those who consider themselves textualists or originalists are generally opposed to looking at the ‘legislative intent’ of a law.’
    • ‘I consider myself to be both an originalist and a textualist.’
    • ‘I thought conservatives were supposed to be strict textualists!’
    • ‘That makes him a rather more complicated textualist than might originally be supposed.’
    • ‘Given our institutions, the Constitution will mean what the Justices say it means, even if the Justices are all textualists.’
    • ‘According to originalists and textualists, the constitution protects us from judges and other officials by restricting them to politically uncontroversial, neutral decisions about historical intentions and semantic meanings.’