Definition of textualism in US English:



  • See textualist

    • ‘Just as important, the 68-year-old justice hews to a philosophical framework - known as textualism - that gives great weight to the written words of the Constitution and legislation.’
    • ‘Although he competently summarizes this theory in his introduction, Ring does little to distinguish textualism from originalism in general or from originalist intentionalism in particular.’
    • ‘Originalist meaning textualism is not without its difficulties because the attempt to bind governments by written constitutions has inherent difficulties.’
    • ‘But good textualism doesn't just look at the literal English meaning of an isolated phrase; it also looks to the legal meaning of the phrase, and to other provisions of the Constitution.’
    • ‘There never was a golden age of First Amendment textualism or absolutism in American history, even if you limit the First Amendment to Congressional power.’