Definition of textual in US English:



  • Relating to a text or texts.

    ‘textual analysis’
    • ‘That submission calls for serious consideration and it has led to some close textual analysis of the paragraph in question.’
    • ‘There are simpler reasons why textual analysis remains so popular within media education.’
    • ‘For those able to overlook glaring textual errors, the book's photographs are deeply rewarding.’
    • ‘Header text and other textual elements should appear the same throughout the site as well.’
    • ‘The nuanced argument is systematically developed and supported by textual evidence.’
    • ‘White is careful not to allow performance studies to overwhelm textual approaches to Renaissance drama.’
    • ‘Derrida has two main ways of exposing these textual interplays, deconstruction and double reading.’
    • ‘Literature, we might conclude, is a speech act or textual event that elicits certain kinds of attention.’
    • ‘The set of illustrations is interspersed by textual commentary, which guides the book through a logical chronology.’
    • ‘Yet in their very long book there is no actual analysis of Tocqueville's work or reference to any specific textual passage.’
    • ‘It's perhaps merely amusing to think that the author intended all that textual confusion.’
    • ‘While textual analyses are significant, religion is more than the reading of texts.’
    • ‘There is a new emphasis on textual analysis, with short answer questions and coursework replacing the old format.’
    • ‘Rhetorical purpose and the writer's intention are key elements in textual endeavour.’
    • ‘Since this material does not lend itself easily to contextual approaches, a textual analysis is the only option.’
    • ‘Certain textual lines of descent are clear, between Homer, Apuleius, and Shakespeare, for example.’
    • ‘They were people with a textual background, mostly, coming out of literature.’
    • ‘Still, one needs to be able to identify in some way with the text, and the textual entity that is its author.’
    • ‘This artefact was provided with a long textual exposition, written by the artist.’
    • ‘The idea, clearly, is to make it easy for students to see the first-hand evidence of textual problems for themselves.’


Late Middle English: from medieval Latin textualis, from Latin textus (see text).