Definition of textspeak in US English:



  • Language regarded as characteristic of text messages, consisting of abbreviations, acronyms, initials, emoticons, etc.

    • ‘Moves are afoot to include some mobile phone textspeak in the official dictionary of the game beloved by generations.’
    • ‘Naturally, M. I.A. has a blog too, one so laden with textspeak, random capitalization and daring spelling experiments - "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap" - that it feels like a parody.’
    • ‘I just think it's crass to abbreviate in that manner, writing in text-speak like some 15-year-old going out on a Friday night.’
    • ‘With Textspeak, a whole new variety of the English language has grown up in a mere five years.’
    • ‘Myself, I never ever abbreviate (i.e. write in textspeak), but cabinet ministers and heads of industry do.’
    • ‘The same message sent in that hideous text-speak would have been more than a little unsettling.’
    • ‘Perhaps U2 should call themselves You Two/Too to avoid promoting textspeak among the youth, and The Killers could morph into The Upstanding Pillars Of The Community?’
    • ‘The report told schools to make it clear that text-speak was "not appropriate for public examinations" and pupils would lose marks if the quality of written communications is poor.’
    • ‘Self-effacing men are also more likely to get a reply to their approaches, while nothing puts potential dates off more than textspeak like "ur" and "luv".’
    • ‘I vehemently opose smileys, textspeak and chatroom acronyms’