Definition of Texas Hold 'Em in US English:

Texas Hold 'Em


  • A poker game in which players compose their hands from cards dealt to them combined with community cards dealt face up and shared among them.

    • ‘The game that you see on television is no-limit Texas hold 'em, and that's a game of big bets.’
    • ‘Stephen Hendry first switched me on to the form of poker called Texas Hold 'Em.’
    • ‘And this poker hand is seven-card stud, no-limit Texas Hold 'Em.’
    • ‘Texas Hold 'Em: Will the Tour King sit this one out?’
    • ‘Poker fans will recognize that this brand of the game has recently been supplanted by Texas Hold 'Em because the percentages in five card stud are easier to navigate.’
    • ‘My suggestion: "Proposes International No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament to Allocate Agricultural Subsidies."’
    • ‘Four comedians square off over the felt at Sydney's Star City casino, playing Texas hold 'em poker with sponsor's money, with the winnings going to charity.’
    • ‘If you don't have a TV, Texas Hold 'Em is all the rage.’
    • ‘In Texas Hold 'Em two aces are the best cards to start with.’
    • ‘I think they called it Texas Hold 'Em.’
    • ‘Like Texas Hold 'Em, it's fun to watch and nervewracking to play.’
    • ‘We break out pitchers of beer and play Texas hold 'em.’
    • ‘You can play the ever popular Texas hold 'em, select between tables, and chat with other players.’
    • ‘Recognizing the popularity of Poker, they introduced a computer game of Texas Hold 'Em this year.’
    • ‘I feel like taking the bus down to Atlantic City and playing a few hands of Texas Hold 'Em.’
    • ‘Texas Hold 'Em is the name of what I usually play and with which you might be familiar if you watch Channel 4 Late Night Poker.’
    • ‘Dozens of books have been published in the past few months promising to help the reader clean up at Texas Hold 'Em.’
    • ‘For beginning poker players, try Cardinal's Professional Texas Hold 'Em Poker Set, $29.99, which includes 200 chips and a deck of cards.’
    • ‘Multi-player Texas Hold 'Em and bingo will also make an appearance in the RealTime stable of games.’
    • ‘Several channels carried the professional poker games and during halftime, commercials, and lulls in football action, I anxiously clicked over to see some Texas Hold 'Em.’
    • ‘He was running a sports book operation for the Albanians as well as weekly games of Texas Hold 'Em.’
    • ‘Texas Hold 'Em, online multiplayer.’
    • ‘All your winnings at the Knob Creek Texas Hold 'Em will go to charity.’
    • ‘A few of the smaller tables had been set around the room to serve a tables for card games, and Haito saw that Kim, John, and old mechanic were playing an intense game of what looked to be Texas hold 'em.’
    • ‘Betting big with a pair of deuces in Texas Hold 'Em could lead to a third deuce and a win on "the river."’


Texas Hold 'Em

/ˌteksəs ˈhōld əm/