Definition of Texas fever in English:

Texas fever


  • The disease babesiosis in cattle.

    • ‘From this is derived the modern name babesiosis, which is applied both to Texas fever and to infections caused throughout the world by these pathogens and other members of the same genus.’
    • ‘Cattle herders on Lake Victoria are damaged by outbreaks of coastal and Texas fevers and a sharp drop in prices for fur and hides on the American market.’
    • ‘He is credited for establishing that a tick was the transmitter of Texas fever in cattle.’
    • ‘Initially, the cattle trails ran north to railheads in Kansas, but, as the eastern plains were taken over by farmers and barbed wire and the scourge of Texas fever, the trails moved westward.’
    • ‘It was while working in the Bureau that Smith demonstrated the role of ticks in the transmission of Texas fever.’