Definition of tetrodotoxin in English:



  • A poisonous compound present in the ovaries of certain pufferfishes. It is a powerful neurotoxin.

    • ‘The effects of the nitric oxide synthase inhibitor on the response to histamine were mimicked by vagotomy or selective nerve blockade with tetrodotoxin.’
    • ‘The liver and reproductive organs of the puffer fish contain tetrodotoxin, an extremely powerful nerve poison.’
    • ‘That's enough to thwart the tetrodotoxin and keep the muscles going - until either prey or predator evolves a new weapon.’
    • ‘The highly selective sodium channel blocker, tetrodotoxin has been instrumental in characterization of voltage-gated sodium channels.’
    • ‘Some gobies even rely on chemical protection, producing a poison called tetrodotoxin, which also occurs in pufferfishes and species of salamander.’
    • ‘External solution included 0.6 M tetrodotoxin to block any small endogenous sodium current.’
    • ‘Brachycephalus ephippium is bright orange, and some of its skin glands secrete tetrodotoxin.’
    • ‘Furthermore, application of tetrodotoxin, which blocks impulse generation in the cardiac ganglion, had no effect on the larval heart but stopped the heart of older juveniles from beating.’
    • ‘My doctoral research focuses on those two genera; the birds carry batrachotoxin, not tetrodotoxin, a very different chemical.’
    • ‘After tetrodotoxin was identified in puffers, it started turning up in a variety of places around the globe.’
    • ‘Since failures were not observed when selecting fluorescent spots lying in a row on top of a neuronal process, in later experiments 0.5 M tetrodotoxin was applied to prevent rundown, and the destaining step was omitted.’
    • ‘Calcium currents were isolated by replacing extracellular sodium with TEA and adding tetrodotoxin and other K + channel blockers.’
    • ‘Research is now being conducted into the properties of the fugu's lethal poison, tetrodotoxin at six centres across Canada, much of it in Montreal.’
    • ‘However, only trace amounts of tetrodotoxin have been found in balloonfish, mainly concentrated in the ovaries.’
    • ‘Drugs presently available act on sodium channels sensitive to tetrodotoxin and thus have widespread side effects in the heart and central nervous system.’
    • ‘The approach is illustrated with data from a predator-prey arms race between garter snakes and newts that operates through the interface of tetrodotoxin and resistance to it.’
    • ‘The poison in fugu is neurotoxin tetrodotoxin and although it is not always fatal, it can cause an unpleasant death.’
    • ‘Newts of the genus Taricha possess large quantities of tetrodotoxin in their skin and other tissues.’
    • ‘Similarly, tetrodotoxin is another blocker of certain voltage-gated Na+ channels that occurs in numerous species of animals, including the puffer fish, Tetraodontidae spp., and newts, Taricha spp. and Cynops spp.’
    • ‘If neural activity is blocked during development by the injection of tetrodotoxin, ocular dominance columns do not develop, and the inputs from the two eyes into the visual cortex remain mixed.’


Early 20th century: from modern Latin Tetrodon (former genus name, from Greek tetra- fourfold + odous, odont- tooth) + toxin.