Definition of tetramerous in US English:



Botany Zoology
  • 1Having parts arranged in groups of four.

    • ‘The perianth of Calceolariaceae is shown to be derived from a tetramerous condition, not from pentamery as traditionally believed.’
    • ‘The genus is characterized by tetramerous flowers with bithecal anthers, lack of pseudostaminodia, a capitate or poorly defined stigma, and pollen of the Amaranthus type.’
    • ‘The species are distinguished from most other tetramerous beetles, by the thickened hinder thighs, by which they are enabled to leap to a considerable height into the air.’
    • ‘The proximal aulacophore is polymerous, rather than tetramerous (as in most other stylophorans) and superficially similar to that of the earliest stylophoran, Ceratocystis.’
    • ‘The stele is divided into three parts, the tetramerous proxistele closest to the theca tapering through the mesistele to the dimerous dististele furthest from the theca.’
    1. 1.1 Consisting of four joints or parts.
      • ‘They usually have umbrella-shaped bodies and tetramerous (four-part) symmetry.’