Definition of tetrameric in US English:



  • See tetramer

    • ‘Vertebrate hemoglobins are tetrameric molecules comprised of two distinct polypeptide chains.’
    • ‘The expression products of these genes can assemble to various different tetrameric isozymes, and the regulation of this allows the synthesis of organ-specific catalases.’
    • ‘It is important to note that, in contrast to coral GFP-like proteins, the new Hydrozoa fluorescent proteins are dimeric rather than tetrameric, whereas the new chromoprotein appears to be a monomer.’
    • ‘First, by lowering the pH the tetrameric structure of the protein is disrupted and is disassociated into a monomeric structure, which is structurally different from the monomer at normal pH.’
    • ‘For example, plant monomeric forms, composed only of catalytic subunits, are relatively common in plant species and coexist with higher molecular weight forms (presumably tetrameric, according to its molecular size).’