Definition of tetrahydrofuran in US English:



  • A colorless liquid used chiefly as a solvent for plastics and as an intermediate in organic syntheses.

    A heterocyclic compound; chemical formula: C₄H₈O

    • ‘The cyclic ether tetrahydrofuran, which has a chemical formula of C 2 H 4 OC 2 H 4, has a boiling point of 149°F.’
    • ‘A gas hydrate sample synthesized in a Georgia Tech research lab from tetrahydrofuran can sustain a flame as gas is released from the structure during heating.’
    • ‘The solvent used in all the experiments was a mixture of tetrahydrofuran and water.’
    • ‘The aim of this study is to explore the fascinating suggestion that structural differences can be induced in hypericin by changing the solvent from a commonly used solvent such as dimethyl sulfoxide to tetrahydrofuran.’
    • ‘A stock solution was prepared in distilled tetrahydrofuran and kept at -18 deg C.’