Definition of test strip in US English:

test strip


  • A strip of material used in testing, especially (in photography) a strip of sensitized material, sections of which are exposed for varying lengths of time to assess its response.

    • ‘At lower humidities there is only a partial print out of the shadow and mid-tones, so test strips may be necessary however, these must be maintained at the same humidity as the final print.’
    • ‘As he sprays reactive chemicals on the test strips, a pink blush spreads across the paper.’
    • ‘Glucose concentrations were measured by using one test strip for each control level from each vial in each storage environment.’
    • ‘I am not a fan of making test strips of only small areas of the negative, as this does not allow you to evaluate the entire image.’
    • ‘Approximately 75 percent of the patients in each of the two studies found the test strip easier to use and less painful than the fingerstick method.’
    • ‘Warm the infant's heel, and draw capillary blood samples from the side of the heel using finger stick test strips for glucose.’
    • ‘When a test strip is dipped in yam sap, the sap will move along the strip, binding with antibodies that react with viruses.’
    • ‘So this week, on my contacts sheet I try the test strip for 5 to 30 seconds at f2.8 (as it was a different paper which I didn't want to overpower).’
    • ‘In some analyzers, it is necessary to feed each test card or strip into the instrument, wait for a result, then feed the next test strip.’
    • ‘Once the test strip is inserted, the meter monitors the color development and allows it to proceed until an endpoint is reached, whereupon the glucose result is displayed.’
    • ‘A visually impaired person simply needs to follow the device's spoken instructions to apply blood to a specially designed test strip, insert [the] strip into the device, and listen for the numerical result.’
    • ‘All you need to do is draw a small drop of blood from your finger and insert it on an electronic reading finger test strip which you in turn insert in the digital meter.’
    • ‘Paper test strips are good for measuring approximate pH values, but chemical laboratories require something more exact - an instrument called a pH meter that can pick up even small changes in acidity.’
    • ‘You take a coolant sample, dip the Quik-Chek test strip in it, and within 45-75 seconds, you can read the levels.’
    • ‘The quickest way to get a ballpark exposure time is to make a normal test strip and develop it in conventional (not lith) developer.’
    • ‘The urine is sent to the laboratory for analysis, or a technician in your doctor's office performs the test using a chemically treated test strip.’
    • ‘The test strip was reduced in Farmer's Reducer for prints for 60 seconds, rinsed briefly, then returned to the fix for 30 seconds.’
    • ‘You can easily check for ketones in your urine by using a test strip available at your local pharmacy.’
    • ‘I prick my finger, put the blood on a test strip and stick it in the ‘glucometer’ for a reading.’
    • ‘Quantitative measurement of glucose in whole blood with an electrochemical biosensor begins when a drop of blood is introduced on the top, tip, or side of the test strip.’


test strip

/ˈtest ˌstrip/