Definition of test pattern in US English:

test pattern


  • A geometric design broadcast by a television station so that viewers can adjust the quality of their reception.

    • ‘Usually, test patterns are displayed on the screens and carefully scrutinized to check for image defects.’
    • ‘The tag title match was as exciting as watching a test pattern on TV.’
    • ‘You could view the wall as a monolith, or you could study the units of color that stood rigidly next to each other like the bars of a test pattern or the colored keys of a child's musical instrument.’
    • ‘He created such innovations as the multiple choice test pattern and coined the phrase, ‘Network difficulty.’’
    • ‘Each test pattern comes with a detailed description and a ‘What To Look For’ section that lists issues and artifacts to search for in the displayed image.’
    • ‘Alas, the TV editorials have gone the way of the test pattern and TV dial.’
    • ‘It was such a novelty that we would even stare at the test pattern together.’
    • ‘Images are early US or Soviet television test patterns.’
    • ‘The way in which thousands of sane people stared at test patterns for hours on end could be attributed to the novelty factor of TV.’
    • ‘It's just impossible to have strong feelings of any kind about a movie like this, the cinematic equivalent of a test pattern..’
    • ‘During our subjective tests, we were able to see the inconsistencies using a pure-black test pattern.’
    • ‘When we used a full-screen, pure-white test pattern, the measured brightness level was much lower - 65 cd/m2.’
    • ‘A couple of those shows would have failed even if they'd only been opposite a test pattern.’
    • ‘Radio Good Hope is being broadcast on the TV sound channel while the test patterns will be altered from time to time.’
    • ‘Mr. Benson and Meg sat mesmerized by the test pattern on the television.’
    • ‘We run these test patterns at all HDTV resolutions.’
    • ‘The nature of the message does not ultimately matter since this subliminal signal can function through any program, even a test pattern.’
    • ‘On the Web, I also found an old-style ‘Indian head’ TV test pattern I wanted to use.’
    • ‘When the public is spending some $55 million per annum, people at least want to know when we can turn on our televisions and see something more than the test pattern.’
    • ‘An announcer uses the ‘remote carrier beam,’ another TV monitor with a test pattern, to bring the captain's ‘special agents into sharp focus.’’