Definition of test paper in US English:

test paper


  • A paper impregnated with an indicator that changes color under known conditions, used especially to test for acidity.

    • ‘Place the moist test material on the test paper, which after a few seconds will show a clear, violet coloration in the presence of acid phosphase.’
    • ‘Mortality with 4 per cent DDT impregnated test papers was 17.5 per cent.’
    • ‘When using the test paper, first add a few drops of hydrochloric acid to the solution to be tested.’
    • ‘In the presence of acid phosphatase, the test paper develops violet stains on the white test paper.’
    • ‘In acid solution, oxidizing agents react with the iodide in the test paper to liberate iodine.’


test paper

/test ˈpāpər/