Definition of test meal in US English:

test meal


  • A portion of food of specified quantity and composition, eaten to stimulate digestive secretions which can then be analyzed.

    • ‘Bulimics who purged a test meal had significant drops in glucose and insulin after purging the test meal, while glucose and insulin levels after a non-purged meal were comparable to controls.’
    • ‘Baseline meals were high in carbohydrate and low in fat, whereas the test meal and snacks provided lower carbohydrate and higher fat content for the period during the night shift.’
    • ‘Psyllium incorporated into foods, such as pasta, and isolated psyllium when added to a test meal has been shown to reduce postprandial glucose and insulin concentrations.’
    • ‘In this study, 50 healthy adults were fed a high-fat test meal on three separate occasions, once a week for 3 weeks.’
    • ‘Vuksan et al also demonstrated that 3 g American ginseng, when given 40 minutes prior to the test meal, significantly lowered the blood glucose in both non-diabetic subjects and type 2 diabetic patients.’