Definition of test bed in US English:

test bed


  • A piece of equipment used for testing new machinery, especially aircraft engines.

    ‘fan blades were subjected to fatigue tests on laboratory test beds’
    figurative ‘a test bed for new technology’
    • ‘To aid in development, a smaller flying wing test bed was also proposed.’
    • ‘Winter testing obviously took place in much cooler weather, but, on the test bed, we can simulate the conditions we will encounter in terms of cooling engine, gearbox, hydraulics and brakes.’
    • ‘Developed specifically for scramjet testing in 1987, it has proven to be a versatile test bed for a wide range of suborbital aerodynamic projects.’
    • ‘Pilots, navigators and engineers will fly a plane that provides a test bed for class and staff research projects, Buter said.’
    • ‘The first engine is now flying on the flight test bed and it delivers excellent performance.’
    • ‘Plants with nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their roots make a good test bed for probing the give-and-take of biological partnerships.’
    • ‘In 1940, the prototype was sold to Pratt & Whitney for operation as an engine test bed.’
    • ‘Since the glitch did not emerge in subsequent tests in the rover test bed at JPL, the engineers concluded then it may have been a one-time incident.’
    • ‘Since the prototype was well on its way to completion, the Army decided to finish the aircraft and use it as a flying test bed.’
    • ‘The aircraft, which carried the name Avion Experimental No.1, would be a flying test bed that would prove Northrop's vision of the future direction of aviation.’
    • ‘Le Mans has always been a test bed where new technologies can be tried before being introduced for mass-produced cars.’
    • ‘It has its engines mounted above the wings, but for the moment it is intended primarily as a test bed for the jet engines and will not be offered for sale.’
    • ‘After focusing on bettering its sensitivity, the team switched its emphasis to more technical issues, using the instrument as a test bed for new technologies.’
    • ‘Oberg is right that a Moon base would serve as a useful test bed for trying out technologies necessary for a Mars trip.’
    • ‘The test bed for this novel engine is the Slocum glider, a craft that looks like a 2-m-long torpedo with slim wings.’
    • ‘Since the plane was a test bed, the engine configuration was changed to a tractor position and Bellande found the performance equally as good as the pusher configuration.’
    • ‘This marks the first time a rover-based automated technology has been used to identify life in this harsh region, which serves as a test bed for technology that could be deployed in future Mars missions.’
    • ‘The next step is to construct a test bed using existing machines and as many intelligent bits of hardware as the group can afford, which is scheduled to be in place by the end of 2005.’
    • ‘A car engine that shows promise on the test bed is all well and good, but maximum theoretical speed doesn't help much when you need to overtake quickly and safely.’
    • ‘Subject to successful validation on the test bed at Viry and in track testing, we will introduce changes that improve base engine performance and that adapt the engine to the circuits on which we race at the end of the season.’


test bed

/ˈtes(t) ˌbed//ˈtɛs(t) ˌbɛd/