Definition of tessellation in US English:


(also tesselation)


  • 1The process or art of tessellating a surface, or the state of being tessellated.

    • ‘While there are concepts like fractions that they are already familiar with, Ashalata also introduces other concepts like symmetry and tessellation.’
    • ‘Then every tile that tessellates the plane must give rise to at least one periodic tessellation of the plane.’
    1. 1.1 An arrangement of shapes closely fitted together, especially of polygons in a repeated pattern without gaps or overlapping.
      • ‘The students were especially excited by M.C. Escher's tessellations.’
      • ‘Many people are familiar with Escher's endless staircases, hyperbolic tilings, Möbius ants, intricate tessellations, and other creations.’
      • ‘These topics included polygons, symmetry, and linear measurement as well as with tessellations and three-dimensional figures.’
      • ‘A striking aspect of the early rock art is its drawing of tessellations, which show infinite repetition.’
      • ‘Educators have also applied paper folding to such diverse mathematical objects as logical structures, axiomatic systems, and tessellations with geometrical figures.’
      • ‘That accounts for a dense, but visually acceptable tessellation of rhombi.’
      • ‘Escher came across an article written by Coxeter, and again whilst unable to understand the text, he was able to determine the rules regarding hyperbolic tessellations using only the diagrams in the paper.’
      • ‘Topics ranged from the golden mean, spirals, and tessellations to fractals, origami, and impressionist art.’
      • ‘Half-pipe, tan shingles created a beautiful tessellation on the roof - one Theorton considered if he were ever to purchase his own home some time.’
      • ‘Two textbooks contained instances involving the cutting or tearing of paper that illustrated tessellations or three-dimensional figures.’
      • ‘My students have designed borders that have clouds, swirls, postage stamps and tessellations.’
      • ‘Hanging on the walls, hints of Buckminster Fuller's efficient geodesic domes can be detected mingling with M C Escher's delicate figurative tessellations and traditional Islamic arabesques.’
      • ‘Figure 33 shows a tessellation of the hyperbolic disc by regular pentagons.’
      • ‘Other interesting ones include figures from Pieter Breughel, the tessellations of MC Escher, and the composite portraits of Guiseppe Arcimboldo (for instance, his Vertumnus and Water).’
      • ‘I will analyze the transformation geometry behind the symmetries transformation and tessellations apparent in Escher's drawings.’
      • ‘This bright and colorful set of four 18’ x 24’ posters takes the mystery out of creating tessellations while retaining their magic.’