Definition of territorially in US English:



  • See territorial

    • ‘Transnational and global flows of capital are seen as the basis for a new type of globally encompassing growth regime no longer defined by national borders and territorially rooted resource endowments.’
    • ‘The ability to establish long-term household claims or entitlements through clearance of woodlands was exercised within territorially demarcated zones associated with traditional authorities.’
    • ‘I put my purchases on the conveyor belt, after the woman in front had territorially shielded her purchases from mine with a ‘next customer’ sign.’
    • ‘And also modern technologies permit geographically dissipated, territorially scattered peoples to renew their cultural identities and personal allegiances more easily than before.’
    • ‘The strong wind, which blew down the pitch, favoured the under-dogs in the opening half and they dominated territorially for much of that period.’