Definition of terrine in US English:



  • 1A meat, fish, or vegetable mixture that has been cooked or otherwise prepared in advance and allowed to cool or set in its container, typically served in slices.

    ‘a salmon terrine’
    mass noun ‘wedges of terrine’
    • ‘Starters included Cashel blue cheese salad with crispy bacon and caramelised pears; braised ham hock and chicken terrine with pickled vegetables, and a special starter of grilled mussels with a garlic and herb crust.’
    • ‘For the vegetable terrine, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.’
    • ‘Adam has brought a terrine with him, and cooked a delicious leg of Sharpham Park Manx Loghtan lamb on Monty's genuine old Aga.’
    • ‘He came back with an armload of ready-to-eat goodies, bone-in ham and duck terrine and delicious eggs in aspic and cheese and freshly baked bread, which we served with a simple salad with toasted pumpkin seeds.’
    • ‘The key elements of this court style were the grosses entrées, the olios, the bisques, the terrines - all complicated dishes involving several meats with a strong, broth-based sauce and an elaborate garnish.’
    • ‘I'll often use salad to accompany the star item, like a tartlet or a bruschetta or a mousse or a slice of terrine or what-have-you, but it is rarely a salad in its own right.’
    • ‘So here is a nice little restaurant in Queen's Park with a new chef where I've recently had lovely saltimbocca, salad niçoise, fish terrine, roast brill, courgette fritters, that sort of thing.’
    • ‘Place a slice of terrine on top of the asparagus and sprinkle with micro chives.’
    • ‘These specialty shops are loaded with tempting things to eat: roasted and smoked meats, a few carefully-selected cheeses, vegetable salads, poached and cured fish, and of course, terrines and pâtés.’
    • ‘You could start with a warm seafood salad on a bed of garden greens or the terrine of Rosemary marinated vegetables with tomato and bell pepper coulis.’
    • ‘Instant marinades, using brandy or Madeira, are used for the ingredients of pâtés and terrines.’
    • ‘The elder brother had the terrine of salmon and prawns with lemon mayonnaise.’
    • ‘John had the best of the bunch - a breast of chicken terrine with bacon and haggis served with sweet potato.’
    • ‘The pressed terrine of smoked fish with a gazpacho dressing was equally flirtatious with the tastebuds, without showing the chef's hand completely.’
    • ‘To serve, place a slice of the terrine and some salad in the center of a plate.’
    • ‘Arrange three slices of duck terrine on a plate with mizuna and duck tongue.’
    • ‘Diners will be offered such gourmet items as marinated Tasmanian salmon terrine with herb and radish salad on yellow bell pepper vinaigrette flavoured with freshly squeezed lemon juice and grape seed oil which is first on the dinner menu.’
    • ‘We started with liver and port terrine, a salad with goat cheese and fresh fruit, and Chilean empenadas with salsa.’
    • ‘Drizzle the terrine with the Port marinade reduction.’
    • ‘Commencing at the appetizers, there was tuna terrine, various salads, fresh oysters, a shrimp pyramid and a crab leg one too.’
    1. 1.1 A container used for a terrine, typically of an oblong shape and made of earthenware.
      • ‘Pour a first layer of cheese mixture in the terrine, even it out with a spatula.’
      • ‘Season carefully with salt and black pepper and pack the mixture into a terrine or china dish and leave overnight.’
      • ‘Transfer the mixture to the bacon-lined terrine and cover tightly with aluminium foil.’


Early 18th century (denoting a tureen): from French, literally ‘large earthenware pot’, from terrin ‘earthen’. Compare with tureen.