Definition of terrasse in US English:



  • (in France) a flat, paved area outside a cafe where people sit to take refreshments.

    • ‘The eat-in area was recently redesigned to increase seating space, and there's a pleasant covered terrasse in summer.’
    • ‘The only problem was that bar, café and restaurant owners were allowed to have make-shift sidewalk terrasses open until 11 p.m.’
    • ‘It appears there will be a terrasse full of straw-topped tables in the summer, a little oasis looking out onto scenic de Maisonneuve.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the terrasse at the new place is almost as good as the old one.’
    • ‘The idea of sidewalk food vendors is not something we promote a great deal because this is a residential community, but we do have a wonderful bylaw that allows terrasses and outdoor eating.’
    • ‘There's also a terrasse, but be warned that you'll be a magnet for people bumming change.’
    • ‘On the night we visited, the terrasse was drenched so we had to settle for a cozy table inside.’
    • ‘You're either shivering in parks trying to soak up a stray ray of sun or huddling on a terrasse inhaling the hot fumes of a cafe au lait.’
    • ‘The buildings wedged between the Burger King and the Monument-National would be replaced with a ‘Broadway’ on the Main, complete with a tourist-friendly pedestrian zone near Clark, that would be dotted with cafés and terrasses.’
    • ‘It offers authentic ‘down-home’ Cambodian food with a terrasse ideal for contemplating a balmy afternoon or a humid evening munching on cold spring rolls and sipping beer.’
    • ‘While I was walking up St-Denis on a recent spring afternoon, the sun illuminated Restaurant Mañana's terrasse, reminding me that it had been years since I last ate there.’
    • ‘It's also one of those places that seems to be constantly crowded, especially on warm nights when lucky customers who've arrived early can sit out on the terrasse.’
    • ‘I'm off to the corner of St-Urbain and Duluth to have the best sandwich on the best terrasse in the city.’
    • ‘It's invariably packed on summer nights, with folks spilling out of the store and on to the round tables of the outside terrasse.’
    • ‘In the summer there's a nice terrasse outside, and the restaurant's interior duplicates the look of the patio somewhat with fake plants hanging from the ceiling.’
    • ‘The covered terrasse is quite pleasant on a sunny afternoon or a hot summer evening, but can get noisy from the traffic speeding down one of downtown's busiest thoroughfares.’
    • ‘There's a terrasse in the summer, breakfast specials, lunch specials, very good dinner specials and a reasonably priced yet short wine list.’
    • ‘If the weather's nice the large terrasse provides a great setting in which to peruse the 89 selections available to eat.’
    • ‘There's also a terrasse at Joe's: two picnic tables set on the street corner for a sweet breeze.’
    • ‘‘They want to turn the market into a supermarket, where people will stay longer - most shoppers now spend less than an hour there - with all kinds of terrasses and fast food spots,’ adds Esther Bozzer, a long-time Little Italy resident.’


French, literally ‘terrace’.