Definition of term of art in US English:

term of art


  • A word or phrase that has a precise, specialized meaning within a particular field or profession.

    ‘‘public domain’ is a term of art in copyright law and you shouldn't throw it around if you don't know what it means’
    ‘the email was sent to me as ‘deep background’—a journalistic term of art that means ‘you need to know this, but forget who told you’’
    • ‘White jousted with the firm's attorney over terms of art, legal definitions, names for various entities.’
    • ‘The framework is trying to walk a fine line between accepted terms of art and plain language.’
    • ‘Debtor in possession is the bankruptcy term of art for the entity which files a Chapter 11.’
    • ‘"Undue hardship" is a legal term of art which imposed different obligations on different employers.’
    • ‘Active cyberdefense is a term of art widely understood to include offensive actions in cyberspace taken with defensive purposes in mind.’
    • ‘Actually, 'cult stock' is a pretty established term of art on Wall Street.’
    • ‘Now the term of art is that you earn an 'award seat.'’
    • ‘The technical term of art used by NSA to describe these operations is computer network exploitation.’
    • ‘Harmonization is a trade term of art that often indicates that strong regulations and protections are going to be taken down to the lowest common denominator.’
    • ‘The words and terms of art used at the time can be interpreted by what they meant under Common Law at the time of founding.’
    • ‘The term of art 'technical default' refers to violation of any other loan terms.’
    • ‘In this blog, I use "insurance" loosely, as a lay term of art for any service that you pay an up-front fee for in return for possible later expense coverage.’