Definition of teriyaki in US English:



  • 1A Japanese dish consisting of fish or meat marinated in soy sauce and grilled.

    • ‘‘Yes, sweetie,’ his mother answered, piling more teriyaki chicken on the child's plate.’
    • ‘It's certainly no worse that the breakfast place near my house in terms of quality, but I feel less compelled to return there (in fact, I have since found a teriyaki place that replaced it as my lunch spot of choice).’
    • ‘As a response to a recent trend back to more traditional Japanese tastes, teriyaki burgers often appear on the menu alongside the Big Mac.’
    • ‘Sushi, chicken teriyaki, Thai food, Tandori, even privately owned taquerias all do well here in some way or form.’
    • ‘I settled on salmon teriyaki sushi, which is waiting for me in a cooler by the picnic table.’
    • ‘The meat is chicken teriyaki, one of my favorites.’
    • ‘There are just under a dozen items to choose from at lunch, from chicken or beef teriyaki or udon, to shrimp tempura and sushi and sashimi selections.’
    • ‘Mom took another bite of her chicken teriyaki and then nodded her head.’
    • ‘They decided to get Japanese teriyaki chicken and rice.’
    • ‘He has resigned himself to easy dinners on the run, like pizza and microwave teriyaki bowls.’
    • ‘It's 180 feet of seafood buffet with 40 kinds of sushi and an abundance of snow crab legs, scallops, tempura shrimps, Maine lobster, salmon, teriyaki meats and salad bar.’
    • ‘We ordered warm sake, tempura prawns and two teriyaki dishes, chicken and beef.’
    • ‘Plenty of soggy teriyaki chicken wings, not to mention crusty macaroni and cheese to choose from.’
    • ‘The star of the night, though, was the salmon teriyaki: a bowl of soft and succulent chunks of salmon cooked with tender pieces of peppers, onions, baby sweetcorn and mushrooms all in a tangy sake/soy sauce.’
    • ‘The beef teriyaki - stir fried beef tenderloin wrapped in a light pastry and served with a tangy spicy tomato and mango salsa - is highly recommended.’
    • ‘The complex will eventually have a gym, a pool and Martini pool set in a garden in an inner courtyard, a laundry, and an open-air Japanese teriyaki grill where tenants can order a breakfast from the kitchen any morning of the week.’
    • ‘There are many authentic dishes from the Pacific to sample at this popular Japanese bistro if you look past more familiar offerings like sushi, teriyaki and noodles.’
    • ‘It wasn't all too fancy, though Chris wasn't one to have honey glazed chicken and teriyaki rice everyday for a casual lunch.’
    • ‘Next up, it's all butternut squash and thyme gnocchi, teriyaki aubergine, and tarts of trompette and leek.’
    • ‘The beef teriyaki consisted of strips of something brown that had been cooked up with pepper, onion and soya sauce.’
    1. 1.1 A mixture of soy sauce, sake, ginger, and other flavorings, used in Japanese cooking as a marinade or glaze.
      • ‘After the vegetables and chicken were cooked, I added some teriyaki sauce and a little bit of honey-garlic sauce, just for taste.’
      • ‘Drizzle some spicy mayonnaise over the tuna, drizzle some teriyaki sauce around the dish, and garnish with shisho leaves.’
      • ‘James ordered a ranch cheeseburger with bacon, Logan, a chicken sandwich with teriyaki dressing.’
      • ‘And, you know, a few duck pot stickers and some beef tenderloin in a pineapple teriyaki glaze.’
      • ‘Slice up chicken breasts, peppers and zucchini; sauté them in olive oil and teriyaki sauce; throw it over some boiled rice.’
      • ‘Soak meat in an acidic marinade (such as one made with teriyaki sauce, lemon juice or a flavored vinegar) for 30 minutes before grilling.’
      • ‘Now, meat substitutes can be delicious, provided they are drowned in chili sauce or teriyaki, and surrounded by vegetables, so you don't notice the excessively chewy texture or total absence of flavor.’
      • ‘We can choose from a long list of ‘sauce pots’ which includes the old staples: ketchup, chilli and garlic, as well as lemon & herb, teriyaki, yoghurt & mint and American mild mustard.’
      • ‘Teriyaki salmon was seared to a questionable degree of firmness and sat on a dais of tepid mash potato with a nastily commercial sticky teriyaki sauce.’
      • ‘It was served with teriyaki sauce, but even better drizzled with a slice of very juicy lime.’
      • ‘The mesquite, teriyaki, or herb sauces come in a bag big enough to let you marinate as much as three pounds of meat.’
      • ‘After a dinner of grilled chicken in teriyaki sauce and steamed vegetables, they had ice cream for dessert.’
      • ‘We need to protect our market share with efforts to strengthen brand awareness as the original teriyaki sauce maker.’
      • ‘There was a bottle of teriyaki sauce with the cap half on, standing in the fridge door area where we keep jams, jellies, relishes, sauces.’
      • ‘I marinade it in a little teriyaki sauce and then cook it in foil.’
      • ‘The salmon had been marinated and then pan-fried in the teriyaki, and the combination of the fish's subtle flavouring and the sweetness of the sauce was a joy.’
      • ‘Offseason, when trying to add mass, you can pan fry them in olive oil, add teriyaki sauce, grate some low-fat cheese on top or cover them in a low-fat salad dressing.’
      • ‘Michael ordered the kids chicken, while I went for the chicken thighs with teriyaki.’
      • ‘Prepared sauces such as teriyaki, salsa, barbecue.’
      • ‘The glaze is called teriyaki sauce and may be bought in a commercially prepared form or made at home.’


Japanese, from teri ‘gloss, luster’ + yaki ‘to fry, grill, sear’.