Definition of teraflop in US English:



  • A unit of computing speed equal to one million million (10¹²) floating-point operations per second.

    • ‘The computational power will be around 10 teraflops - enough to be ranked one of the top ten large-scale supercomputers by today's standards.’
    • ‘The Japanese machine is a 35.86 teraflop system - a teraflop being short for trillions of floating point operations per second.’
    • ‘That's three teraflops of unused computing power, all in one place,’ he said.’
    • ‘The computer has 10 teraflops of peak computing power, which makes it capable of performing 10 trillion arithmetic calculations per second, with sustained speeds of five teraflops.’
    • ‘The new machine can reach a peak performance of 65 teraflops (trillion floating point operations per second).’