Definition of tequila in English:



  • A Mexican liquor made from an agave.

    • ‘Our night began, as all nights should, with a tumbler of tequila and a discounted beer.’
    • ‘Once this is done, the resulting weak alcoholic liquid is distilled into tequila.’
    • ‘They are the raw material from which tequila is made, the pared hearts of the blue-tinged agave cactus.’
    • ‘This time, I had more cider, wines and tequila than is good for a person.’
    • ‘But it sells miniature bottles of spirits like Vodka and tequila by the side of the machine.’
    • ‘Accounts of his nightly intake include vodka, beer, tequila, all combined.’
    • ‘It consists of tequila, cointreau, sour mix, fresh lime and crushed ice, and comes in the obligatory salted glass.’
    • ‘During an interview he admitted to officers he downed a bottle of Vodka, tequila shots and beer during the evening.’
    • ‘Here we're moving away from vodka and more into rum and tequila based drinks.’
    • ‘We seem to be out of margarita mix, so I'm assuming this is just tequila with a lime stuck in it.’
    • ‘Another trend he's seen is fine tequila being enjoyed after dinner, like brandy.’
    • ‘Yes the furnishings are rustic and weighty but there's no tequila to be had as you can only drink wine and beer here.’
    • ‘What you will need for a tequila party is obviously a bottle of tequila, a shot glass, and a twelve pack of beer.’
    • ‘Kat sniffed her margarita to determine how much tequila Gary had put in it, and her eyes watered.’
    • ‘Vodka is the number one selling spirit, followed by tequila and then bourbon.’
    • ‘We drank bourbon on the rocks or straight shots of tequila or double vodka Martinis.’
    • ‘In just the last few weeks, the crew had done sake in Japan, tequila in Mexico, and ouzo in Greece.’
    • ‘She placed a bottle of vodka and tequila on the table with two shot glasses.’
    • ‘Sure, international interest is growing in general, but as American consumers continue their romance with vodkas and tequilas, America's native whiskey is hard-pressed to keep pace.’
    • ‘This is one of the primary reasons why extended aging is not as important to tequila as it might be to bourbon or cognac.’


Mexican Spanish, named after the town of Tequila in Mexico, where the drink was first made.